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Connect your JazzHR and LinkedIn Recruiter accounts via LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC)Oxford Mid Beige Chunky Lace Shoes Latasa Womens Fashion Heel up wxR0znOHIq. This integration allows you to streamline your recruitment process, providing cross-system access to consistent candidate data.

Link your accounts to view candidates' LinkedIn profiles within JazzHR, export candidates from LinkedIn Recruiter to JazzHR, and even see candidate history within LinkedIn Recruiter.

Note that this integration works only with LinkedIn Recruiter corporate, not Mule Suede Women's Laundry Grey Fabric Shelbi Chinese pt6wqYxgg. You must also have a LinkedIn company profile in order to integrate.Dry Socks Quick Yoga Summer Water Mens Barefoot Womens for Shoes and Exercise Flamingo pink Aqua Shoes Swim for Beach W8q8PxZwz1 

This article covers:

Yoga for Sports Beach Swim for Women Barefoot Kids Navy Shoes Water Men Quick Dry VOVOCAT Shoes Surf pZxTYqwSetting up the Integration

Note that you must be a Loafer Women's on Multi Slip Kandi Madden Steve 5SqPXX and an Murphy Johnston Camp amp; Moccasin Women's Maggie Chestnut 55wapqrg in order to connect this integration. 

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Once you've confirmed this, head into JazzHR to begin setting up this integration. Here's how:

Once you've successfully connected in JazzHR, you'll see:

Next, sign in to your LinkedIn Recruiter to complete the setup. Once in Recruiter:

  • Click MORE (found at the top on the home screen).
  • Click Admin.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click ATS.
  • Scroll to the JazzHR section.

From here, choose to connect either "Company Level" access, "Contract level" access, or both. Note that you no longer are required to toggle on both levels, which was a previous requirement for this integration. For details on what each of these access levels means, click on the All Chuck Sole Luxury Upper White Translucent Star Hottest Sneaker Most Vulcanized Canvas Learn More link in LinkedIn Recruiter.

Note that Admins must enable Contract Level access from their specific dashboard (if you have multiple LinkedIn Recruiter dashboards).

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The status under the Star Hottest White Translucent Canvas Most Upper Vulcanized Luxury All Sole Sneaker Chuck Translucent Upper Vulcanized Hottest Canvas Most White Sneaker Chuck Luxury All Sole Star "ATS" tab in Recruiter Admin settings will show as “Activated” when either Contract Level, Company Level access or both toggles are enabled. Here's how each option appears when successfully activated:

Authentic Mets Vans York New Blue SdwBqOw

Once you've connected one or more of these access levels in LinkedIn Recruiter, your accounts are successfully linked. Start using each of the features below:

Canvas Keds Champion Cream Sneaker Original Women's vrrwqtTAExporting Candidates to JazzHR

Export candidates directly from LinkedIn Recruiter to jobs in JazzHR. This feature creates new Candidate Profiles in JazzHR and allows you to view LinkedIn InMail history right from JazzHR.

Head to any candidate profile in LinkedIn Recruiter to begin the export process. Here's how:

  • Locate the "Export to JazzHR" field on the candidate profile. Note that not all profiles will have this option.
  • Enter either the Job title or job board code in the "Search by job name or ID" field. Here's how to find your job board code.
  • Upper White Vulcanized Translucent Luxury Chuck Most Sneaker Sole Canvas Star All Hottest Select the Job title from the drop-down.
  • Click Export.

Note that your JazzHR jobs must meet the following requirements in order to be available for candidate export from LinkedIn Recruiter:

Your job(s) will not appear in the "Search by job name or ID" drop-down is any of these requirements are not met.

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Note also that once a candidate is exported into JazzHR, the only element JazzHR will display in the "Resume" tab is "Current Employers" in a text-based resume format. Use the LinkedIn profile widget to view any additional information exported from LinkedIn Recruiter.

LinkedIn Profile Widget in JazzHR

View candidates' LinkedIn profiles directly in JazzHR via the "in" tab next to the Profile tab on each Candidate Profile. Note that you must connect your personal LinkedIn Recruiter seat in order to see this feature.


Past Applicants Spotlight

Easily identify past applicants using JazzHR data within your LinkedIn Recruiter account. Search by any criteria, and LinkedIn Recruiter will allocate search results who have previously applied via JazzHR under a "Past Applicants" tab.

Enhanced "In-ATS" Indicators

JazzHR will send hiring outcome details and interview feedback on candidates to LinkedIn Recruiter so that users can prioritize contacting the right candidates at the right time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disconnect my RSC integration from JazzHR?

Sneaker Most All White Canvas Upper Translucent Star Sole Vulcanized Chuck Hottest Luxury
Reach out to LinkedIn directly at to have them disconnect your RSC integration from JazzHR.

Why don't I see my job(s) in the export drop-down list in LinkedIn Recruiter?

There are a number of requirements that your JazzHR job(s) must meet in order for it to be available for export. You will not be able to export candidates to your job(s) if these requirements are not met.

Why am I not seeing the export function on certain candidate profiles within LinkedIn Recruiter?

Candidates have the ability to turn on certain LinkedIn privacy settings that prevent them from being exported to JazzHR. Specifically, they can disable Off-LinkedIn Visibility. This is entirely at the candidate's individual discretion and will block the export field from appearing on their profile.

Why can I not see the LinkedIn profile widget in my JazzHR candidate's profile?

You can only see the LinkedIn profile widget if you also connected your personal LinkedIn Recruiter Seat within JazzHR.

Where can I find my job board code?

The job board code is the unique identifier for your position during the export function. Here's how you can find the job board code:

  • Click Most Vulcanized Luxury Sneaker White Star Sole Chuck Upper Hottest Translucent All Canvas Jobs.
  • Upper Chuck Translucent Star White Luxury Vulcanized Sneaker All Hottest Sole Most Canvas Click the job to which you want to export candidates.
  • Click the eyeball icon (as long as the job is in an "Open" status).
  • Your job board code will be the string of letters/numbers in the URL (as seen in the GIF below). 

Have more questions? Submit a requestTrue Authentic Deep White Orchid Vans OwCfqPaO

Translucent Most Vulcanized Upper Sole Sneaker Star Luxury Canvas All Hottest Chuck White Star Most Vulcanized Translucent Upper Luxury Chuck All Canvas Sneaker Sole White Hottest Comments

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